Virtual PA Services

Caught in a catch 22?

Overwhelmed by admin?

Don’t want to commit to employing someone?

We are the solution – and it won’t just save you money, it will free up your time to increase sales and turnover.

Getting bogged down in your business admin is a costly exercise – it’s a major source of stress and will hold the business back from achieving it’s true potential.

If this is you and you’re considering employing someone, think again (click here to find out why)*

Our virtual admin services offer everything an in-house PA can – and more! We cover all aspects of business and personal admin with swift completion and a reliable, versatile service.

Freeing you up, not tying you down

There are no fixed costs; you pay for what you need, when you need it.

Our team can cover a huge range of tasks with minimal handover, meaning a highly efficient use of time and great value for money.

We support your business by letting you get back to what matters, and as your business grows, we’ll grow with you.

A detailed and refined service
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Saving your bacon
Star !

The quality of work done was excellent. It was also completed in a timely manner and very cost effective. A service I shall recommend and utilise in the future.

Sam - Business Owner


Our Business Development Training was delivered by Julia Cheeseman, from Starfish Admin Services. A truly interactive session, it certainly got the brain going! One of Julia's top tips was to analyse how much time you are spending on your admin and she gave each of us a handout with a guide on how to calculate this. It's shocking actually - I probably need a full time PA to release my time to spend on income generating activities! What did you find out when you calculated yours? Well we know who to call for help now!

Athena, Fleet, UK - Linda Huckle


Starfish services gave me quick and accurate administration support to enable me to market my services efficiently. I have since gone on to win new business as a result of the services offered by Starfish and I am talking to them about another service I need.


Virtual PA Services
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Tips and Tricks to Stay on Top of Your Business’s Admin
Effectively handling your business’s admin can make a big difference in helping your business run more smoothly day-to-day. It can give you a clearer image of how well your business is doing, for example, and help you get a better handle on your finances. Therefore, taking time out of the week to handle business admin can be so important. However, small business owners and managers do have to handle a wide range of business issues in any one day. You might not have as much time as you’d like to get a handle on it all. April’s Blog post gives you some tips and advice on how you can stay on top of your business admin.

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