20 Reasons why using a Virtual Assistant is cheaper than employing an Administrator

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20 Reasons why using a Virtual Assistant is cheaper than employing an Administrator

Surely it cannot be cheaper to use a Virtual Assistant than hire an employee?

It’s a common myth when I speak to people that hiring a virtual assistant sounds expensive.

Charging huge amounts by the hour initially just to get them up to speed with what you are doing. Then there are things like extras that they may charge like travel, expenses. And how do they know that they are going to do a good job?

Surely, it’s easier to employee a person that you have pre-vetted, that sits right next to you in your office, so you can check what they are doing and have the peace of mind that the work is getting done?

In this blog, I am going to bust these myths and preconceptions about Virtual Assistants and hopefully explain to you why it’s going to save you money by using a company like Starfish Admin Services.

Here are just a few examples of what benefits will would bring to your company over hiring an administrator:

  1. We work virtually which means that there is no physical person to pay for
  2. You won’t need to buy us a computer, mobile phone, printer, pay for lighting, electricity, heating for us
  3. We are not employed by your company so no national insurance contributions or extra taxes to pay for us
  4. You won’t have to pay a recruitment company to hire us
  5. When we get to 65 – we won’t ask you for a pension
  6. Any training that we may need is not paid for by your company
  7. We don’t nip out for a coffee or cigarette break
  8. If we are stuck in traffic getting to work, then we don’t charge you for that time
  9. We already know how to do most admin tasks, so we work quickly and efficiently
  10. We are skilled at what we do so will do an excellent job at it
  11. We don’t go on holiday (or we do, but you don’t have to pay for it)
  12. If we are sick, then then you are not charged and,
  13. You don’t have to give us health insurance
  14. We are not paid when there is no work or if you are in a slow period … But –
  15. We will work past 5pm and before 9am if you are busy!
  16. You don’t even have to make us cups of tea or invite us to your Christmas party (but we do love a dance!)
  17. We have knowledge of lots of other areas of your business so could help you in ways that you may not even know you need us for!
  18. We can work unsociable hours if that’s what’s needed: Weekends that you can spend time with your family and friends instead
  19. We free you to spend your time doing what you are good at
  20. We at Starfish understand the trials and tribulations of starting and running a business, unlike a young person can and so bring you a whole host of other benefits not even listed above.

Perhaps we might have helped you change your mind?

Why not see if we can help? Call us for a free 15-minute chat to understand more about how we can help and how we can save you money!

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