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Why choosing an Accredited VA will make all the difference?

Once you’ve made the excellent decision that you need someone to help you with your business and its admin needs.Finding and Hiring the right Virtual Assistant (VA) for your business can be challenging and a job that should not be taken lightly. It’s important that whichever person or company you choose is right for not only your company but it’s employees and YOU.

One place to start is by choosing a Virtual Administrator that is accredited, this means that the VA that you choose will:

  • Prove to clients that they are professional and will work at the highest level
  • Be accountable for the work they do for your business.
  • Not cut corners and the work that they do will be done properly and they are recognised as such.
  • Offer clients reassurance that they are best in the local area.
  • Have access to a whole collaboration platform to network, knowledge share, tap into other people’s expert skill-sets and they can safely build our business and our team.

Starfish are enormously proud to be an Accredited VA through the leading organisation VIP VA. They have a rigorous and strict application process which means that we can happily prove that we are one of the leading Virtual Administrator companies in our area.

Why do the VIP VA’s make a difference?

This organisation is the lead in its field.They are passionate about pioneering the setting of industry standards, training and nurturing new business owners into the industry, accrediting and helping businesses find the safe pair of hands they need to be more profitable.

They bring together, support and champion VAs and simply enable them to be the best that they can be. They are the leading organisation pioneering the setting of VA industry standards, accrediting VAs and helping businesses find the safe pair of hands they need. They provide training and coaching in needed areas, host events and collaborations for Virtual Administrators and companies and they are a great source of knowledge and networking for all members.

Does your company need any extra help though the use of a Virtual Administrator?

Why not contact us for a FREE 15-minute consultation so that we can prove to you how we can save you time, money and stress!

Contact us today by visiting http://www.starfishadminservices.com, calling us directly on 07514 780025 or Email: julia@starfishadminservices.com.